What a Suprise
1 January 2012
10.47 Million
Running time
Production code
Flash sideways
Centric character(s)
10.47 Million
Recurring Characters
Neil Edmond - Benji
Supporting Characters
Special Guest Star(s)
Celebrity Appearance(s)
Minor or Uncredited Roles
James Doherty - PC
Steve Oram - PC Davis
Matt Weyland - Police Sergeant
Archive footage

What a Surprise for the second episode of Series 3. It was broadcasted on Tuesday 1 January 2013, 9pm.


Penny embarrasses Miranda by running for local councillor with Tilly as her wing man. Gary has put himself on the dating scene and Miranda decides she has to do the same. They both want dates for Stevie’s birthday party. Will they find partners or end up back in each other’s company? 


What A Surprise begins with the startling news that Gary has found a new girlfriend called Rose. Miranda finds this difficult to comprehend and every moment Rose is present, Miranda cannot contain herself and ends up either comically attacking Rose or silencing her with her quick wit. Feeling sad and jealous about Gary’s new girlfriend, Miranda begins to wallow and wishes to find a boyfriend.

Miranda also has to deal with her mother Penny , who has decided to run for local councillor, with Tilly as her campaign manager. Together as a tag-team, Penny and Tilly work well as a comedic duo who make Miranda’s life a misery; well, more so than usual.

By Tilly’s advice, Miranda, Stevie and Tilly go out to a club in hope that Miranda can meet someone. She struggles and begins to lose faith when Tilly and Stevie are easily able to ‘allure’ fellows to dance with them. As she tries to leave she meets Michael, the news reporter she met in last week’s episode and sparks quickly appear. 

Michael accidentally catches Miranda in awkward moments and because Miranda is afraid of scaring him off she does not fully explain herself. This  results in Michael believing Miranda is a volunteer police officer, a scuba diver and a lingerie model! 

When Michael and Miranda go on their date they end up in the bar where Penny is having her campaign party. Both Penny and Miranda hide the fact to Michael that they are related and this leads to a comical scene, but bless Miranda, her embarrassment results in her singing aloud and running away from her date. If anything ever goes embarrassingly wrong in your life, at least you can always say it can never be as bad as what happens to Miranda. However as expected, Michael finds her the next day and asks for another date. 

The episode comes to an end with Miranda being arrested and dressing up as a piece of popcorn and finally Tilly doing star jumps with custard in her pants.