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Sometimes people at work call me Mrs Dalai the La-la-lama.

Tilly is one of 'the girls' with whom Miranda went to boarding school, they are therefore, according to Miranda, linked for life. Tilly once said that when you're dropped in a boarding school dorm together age 9, you're bonded for life even if you hate each other. She shared a dormitory with Fanny and Miranda, and Stinky was the head girl when they were in school. She and Miranda grow as friends as the series progresses.


In series 1, she was introduced as one of 'the girls' all of whom Miranda said she hated, but felt obligated to spend time with because of their shared boarding school experience. It later became apparent that Tilly was also the daughter of Penny's best friend, Belinda.

Tilly became closer to Miranda and Stevie after the break up of her engagement to Rupert, who had tried to seduce Miranda. Miranda and Stevie made sure that Tilly found out about Rupert by setting a honey trap for him. Tilly broke up with him when his chronic cheating was exposed. When her parents later included him on their holidays, Tilly opted to stay in the UK and celebrate with Miranda.

When the Joke Shop foundered, and Stevie went out for a job, she and Tilly began hanging out together, trying to find the perfect hobby for young executive assistants such as themselves. In Before I Die Tilly is shown to fit right in with the Penny mode of behavior, with organizing a charity do, or being seen to be involved in the social whirl, in a way Miranda is not.

In series 3, she begins dating Dreamboat Charlie, and at Miranda and Gary's impromptu engagement party, announces that she and Charlie were engaged as well. In the The Final Curtain, she points out "Well, for what it's worthers original, I think you've felt more you not because of Gary, but because you told Penny to get out of your life. Massively brave." When Miranda then realized she wanted to share that with Gary, and have him in her life because she "can be more me because I've outgrown Mum." Tilly encouraged her to tell Gary, "You've got to tell him! It might not be too late!"

When Miranda and Gary finally resolve their issues, Miranda gives the ticket she had to Wick to Tilly and tells her to be free of her mother. Tilly tells her, "I bloody love you."

Physical Appearance[]

Tilly has long blonde hair and brown eyes. She often wears trendy, fashionable clothing.


Tilly is an in-your-face character who has a bizarre way of speaking. She has a habit of combining words in order to make new ones. This sometimes confuses the others. Moreover, Tilly frustrates the others by continually saying "bear with" when texting or reading texts on her phone, expecting everyone to wait for her.


Throughout the series, Tilly is known to have a wide range of phrases, in which she converts normal English into a more complicated posh-lingua.  During the intervention in The Final Curtain, she told the therapist, "I have dos factos buffering on the download about Queen of the Kong that are franks tarantulating." When he asked if that was English, she responded, "Tarantulas. Terrifying. Basic. Keep up!"

  • Bear with... bear with... bear with - wait a moment
  • Bonjour peepsickles! - Hello everyone!
  • Tremendulant - Tremendous
  • Brillo pads! - Brilliant
  • Johnny Cashington - money
  • La Grand Pomme - New York, USA
  • Scoffulate - Eat
  • Puddington - Pudding
  • Slackeroni cheese - describes someone who has been lazy
  • Just some peeps from the orifice - Just some people from the office
  • Charity vino tasticles - a charity wine drinking event
  • Rudulant - rude
  • Major Disaster and his friend Colonel Cock-up - catastrophe
  • Returned from La Grande Pomme where he entre nous made a shed of Johnny Cashingtons" - returned from New York where he made lots of money
  • Nudulator - someone who would look good nude
  • I presume you are kiddingtons. - I assume you're joking
  • Marvilisimous - Marvelous
  • Flabagastamoomoo - Flabbergasted
  • Lucksville - Lucky
  • Starvington Stations - Very Hungry
  • Fabulasmic - Fabulous
  • Totes amazeballs - Amazing
  • Chesticles - A woman's breasts
  • Holibob - Holiday
  • Spiffulant - Great
  • Wedmin - Wedding administration
  • Queen Kong - Miranda
  • Kongers - Miranda
  • Kong - Miranda
  • Tomorzepan - Tomorrow
  • V - very


  • Penny dumps Tilly's beloved phone into her wine when it rings during Gary's proposal to Miranda.
  • She became closer to Miranda as the series moves forward.
  • She helped Penny with her political advertising in What a Surprise.
  • Tilly’s mother, Belinda, attended the same boarding school Tilly, Miranda, and Fanny.
  • Tilly's phrase, "bear with..." along with Penny's phrase, "such fun!" became a series catch phrase.
  • Sally Phillips was the only cast member to receive the script early, as she was so good at Tilly-speak that she used to "mess around" with the scripts to "make it better" as to her character's quirks.