Robert "Wallet-Guy" Husband is the owner of the mystery wallet that Miranda and Stevie find dropped on the floor in the shop. He is the subject of Stevie's 'allure'. He is adored so much that Miranda and Stevie each get a dog to match his own ('Tigger'), who chases an unfortunate Miranda with her pants around her ankles out of a bush, directly in front of Robert.

Trivia Edit

He goes to a self-defence class, with Terence Maynard as the coach. Unfortunately he doen't turn up when Miranda, Stevie and Gary go to find him there.

His nicknames are: "Robbie", "The Robmeister" and "Rob".

He has a Boxer called Tigger.

Stevie names her Great Dane after him.

He secretly prefers Stevie over Miranda.

Physical appearance Edit

Robert has reddish-brown hair that is short and neat, and green-blue eyes. Both Miranda and Stevie considered him very attractive.