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Michael Jackford
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Mid 30's
Bristol, UK
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Valerie Jackford - Father
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Michael "Mike" Jackford is the local news reporter; he later becomes Miranda's boyfriend in Series 3.


Series 3

It Was PanningEdit

Michael is first seen on a TV report, discussing the new threats with obesity, whilst reporting, Miranda is scene in the credits as it "pans" out for the ending. Later Miranda sees Michael, and asks out whether the news report was focused at her being obese or whether it was panning, which he confirmed it was. Later in the episode, he is seen reporting on old age, with Penny being in the end credits as it 'pans' out. 

What a SurpriseEdit

Michael becomes regular cast in this episode. Mike is found in a nightclub whilst attending a colleagues party, in which he meets Miranda. From then onwards, they have several failed attempts of a date. At the end of the episode, he officially becomes Miranda's boyfriend.

The Dinner Party

Michael is still dating Miranda in this episode. She decides to host a dinner party which he and his father are invited to. When Miranda hurts her back, she sees his father as he is a back doctor. Inevitably she embarrasses herself, which further results in a lot of embarrassment at the dinner party. At the end of the episode, Mike admits he is in love with Miranda,

Je Regret Nothing

Micheal is only mentioned as taking a course to avoid Penny when she stays with Miranda.

Three Little Words

Miranda cannot say 'I love you' to Mike whenever he says it to her. This means a workshop with Stevie but they have fallen out so Miranda workshops with a total stranger. This leads to the revelation that Miranda must dump Mike as she does not love him. After a LOT of discussion Miranda prepares to tell Gary she loves him in the restaurant. She accidentally tells Mike instead though. Thinking he is going to propose, Mirande panics but it turns out he is leaving for Africa.

A Brief Encounter

At the end, Micheal turns up at Gary's restaurant after Miranda and Gary are dating. To propose. Gary also decides to propose. Who will she choose?

Physical appearance Edit

Michael is a handsome man in his mid-late 30s as of Series 3. He has short brown-black hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and usually dresses in a shirt, suit jacket and tie. While reporting for the local news station, he often dresses in an electric blue and luminous yellow raincoat.


Series 3


  • To begin with Michael's surname was first listed as "Jaffery" in It was Panning, whereas it was later confirmed and revealed in The Dinner Party that his surname was in fact "Jackford".
  • Michael is Miranda's first boyfriend.
  • Miranda has nicknamed him 'Marple' while he has nicknamed Miranda 'Quirky'.