Je Regret Nothing
14 January 2013
8.8 Million
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Flash sideways
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8.8 Million
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Je Regret Nothing is the fourth upcoming episode of Series 3.


Trapped in her flat and being barked at by Penny, she is forced to think about her life regrets.

Before she has the chance to tick off her bucket list she gets ill, and Tilly, Gary and Stevie offer no sympathy or help at all.

Plot Edit

Je Regret Nothing begins with Miranda complaining of the pains she has faced whilst caring after her mother.  It is entertaining and a very familiar scene for any mother and daughter. The first part of the episode is set with only these two characters and they are superb, they need no props, both have a perfect chemistry.

When the doctor calls to check on Penny, Miranda returns quickly into her embarrassing self. She is unable to control her words and misinterprets nearly everything he says, it is not surprising when he flees.

After the torment that Miranda has had to deal at her mother’s bedside she begins to question her life and regret not trying anything extreme or crazy. She comes to the decision that she will check out the music festival that has come to town. Her mother and friends believe she would never do such a thing but Miranda promises to prove them wrong.

However when the next day arrives Miranda is unwell and almost bedridden. Unsympathetically Penny and her friends believe she is being a hypochondriac and leave her to suffer. Stevie tries to get her to help with the stock but when Miranda says she cannot Stevie offers to make her a breakfast and it is only Miranda’s refusal that Stevie discovers her friend is in need.

Tilly and Stevie both comically try to help Miranda in their own individual ways.

Gary arrives, which is always great in our books, and gives Miranda the sympathy she needs until she discovers he is about to go on a date. Clearly she is still not over him but she will not admit it.