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You may have been looking for Wilson's Restaurant

Gary's or more commonly known as The Restaurant, is a restaurant owned by Gary (previously owned by Clive) and is based within the Bristol area. 

Many scenes happen within the restaurant including parties and gossiping between the main characters. Miranda is also heard to enjoy having Gary as a "chef friend", because she receives free food.


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What a Surprise

Gary mentions that he is signing over the Restaurant, whereby he will own it.

Three Little Words


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  • On, it states that the café is called Wilson's Restaurant; whereas in fact Wilson's is the restaurant that Gary and Miranda visit on their date in A New Low .
  • However, in Series 1, the menus at the restaurant reads "Wilson's Restaurant", which can be seen held by Miranda in Episode 1, Tilly, Fanny, Miranda and Gary in Episode 6. This can only be presumed to be a continuity error that the producers have made.