Clive Evans
Miranda clive
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The Perfect Christmas(regular)
Final Curtain (guest appearance)
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Clive Evans
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Bristol, UK
Owner of The Café
Waiter at The Restaurant
Escort at the Hamilton Lodge
Family members
Edward Evans (father)
Evelyne Evans (mother)
Jim (husband)

Clive Evans is the co-owner of the café, next to Miranda's joke shop.

Biography Edit

Clive was born to Edward and Evelyne Evans about 12 years prior to Penny giving birth to Miranda and a few years prior to Stevie being born. After private and later boarding school, Clive took an interest in cooking. he got a masters degree in cooking, and opened a restaurant, which was later signed over to Gary and Clive left, opening another restaurant near by. He worked as an escort "company" at a hotel around the corner from the restaurant and continued to after signing over the restaurant. He at last marries Jim with whom he has two children with the help of a surrogate.

Series 1Edit

In the episode Holiday, it is revealed that Clive works as an escort when Miranda unwittingly orders 'all-night company' at the Hamilton Hotel.

Series 2Edit

Clive spends Christmas at Penny's with Miranda, Stevie, Gary and Tilly.

Note: Clive was missing from Series 3 for unconfirmed reasons, and was not mentioned throughout. It was noted that Gary was signing over the Restaurant in What a Surprise. He returns in Final Curtain, the last ever episode.

Physical appearance Edit

Clive is a Caucasian man in his early-mid 50s, with cropped, greying, if not already grey, hair and grey/hazel eyes. He appears to be in good shape, seen most prominently when he undressed and asked Miranda to make love with him in the Hamilton Lodge.


Clive, the former owner of Gary's, likes to mock Miranda and her ways when he gets a chance to, however he is kind hearted and is one of Miranda's allies against outsiders and Tilly. He was an accomplished tango dancer in his youth. Not much has been revealed about Clive's family or background.

In Final Curtain, it is revealed that Clive is either gay or bisexual, as he is marrying Jim (the Customer).


Customer (Jim) - Husband

Miranda - Best Friend

Gary Preston - Restaurant successor, best friend

Stevie - Good friend

Penny- Acquaintance

Tilly- Friend/occasional rival

The cafe