Benji is Miranda's cousin, who Penny regularly tries to marry off to Miranda.


Series 1Edit


Penny first reference's Benji, by informing Miranda he had split up with "that Ghastly Fish-Woman". Penny infers that Miranda could form a relationship with Benji, although Miranda soon states that she would not marry her cousin. It also appears this not the first time Penny has suggested it. Penny relies that her other family members, "Uncle John and Aunt Liz " are both happy.

Series 2


Series 3


Physical appearance Edit

Benji, only physically appearing once in the series, is a man roughly Miranda's age. He has the same mousy brown hair as Miranda and possibly Charles, which was described as a classic trait of Miranda's paternal family. He has wide, cool blue eyes and wore a tweed suit with red and yellow accents. He was seen competing for title with a goose at the riverbank, bouncing about and calling himself beautiful.


He is a little deranged to say the least.